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You will get more than just piece of mind, with the following


24 x 7 Website Uptime Monitoring

You can’t sit and watch your website around the clock to ensure it is always online for visitors to see.



Daily Website Software Updates

Do you know when new versions of WordPress and your Website Plugins are available to install, or what new versions are safe to install straight away? or What Plugins and WordPress updates are urgent to improve the security of your Website?


Website Content / Fixes / Updates

Do you require a guru to help with your website Fixes and Updates and Enhancements on a regular basis?


You will get between 2 Hrs (Silver), 4 Hrs (Gold) and 8Hrs (Platinum) included for Fixes, Updates and Enhancements.


24 x 7 Security Monitoring

You also can’t sit and watch your Website around the clock to ward off Unauthorised access and Attacks from Hackers.


Nightly Website Backups

Do You know what you would do if Your Website was accidentally removed or damaged?


We will create a backup copy of your Website and store it securely (on cloud storage)

Weekly Google Analytic Reports

Do you know how to check the performance and effectiveness of your Website?


We will send you weekly Google Analytics reports of your Website’s performance and allocate some of your consulting time to discuss the reports.

Features of our Extended Plans

GEO Blocking

Is your Business only geared towards local visitors or those from specific Countries?


Then we can reduce the risk of Hacking from know Hot Spots around the world by blocking those regions from even seeing your Website.

Included with all our Plans

We provide an initial full Website Security and Software Audit

See our FAQ below for details


We have a Plan to suite all Size of Businesses and your Requirements

Please Note: All Services are for Self Hosted WordPress based Websites, please contact us if you are unsure.


All Prices are in $AUD and made via PayPal

If you do not wish to use PayPal, please contact us via the form at the bottom of this page to make alternate payment arrangements.


I had someone hack one of my websites, there was a page on the menu that was advertising products from someone else. My IT consultant is a programmer who has solved my difficult problems but this time he spent a few hours looking for a solution without success. I also had a technician at the Apple store working on the problem and they also ended up giving up. I then looked for solutions on different forums but nothing was working and I was getting too many people  ̈complaining ̈ about the situation, and it was affecting my personal brand, I had to find a solution as soon as possible so I was prepare to do a new website and then in a last attempt I asked for help over on facebook to a business community I belong.

Luckily I got recommended to contact Andrew Ireland as website security expert who he has a passion for websites he is highly dedicated to this passion. He proved to me that he is exceptional, helping me with this challenge the same day he got it removed and improved the security of the website for the future.

He is very personable and I valued and enjoyed his calmness and professionalism.

I am now recommending him to my collaborators and clients since I am a very happy client.

Thank you Andrew,

Kian Valero

August 26th, 2015

Kian Valero

Owner, Nutan Universe

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Would Hack my Website?

Now I know some people are thinking, my small business website wouldn’t be of interest to hackers?

Let me assure you right now, ALL websites are targets for hackers, large and small, they do not differentiate or discriminate. You may be on page one of Google or page 20, they will still find you.

Why choose The New Age Geek?

With over 30 years experience in the IT industry, covering security, customer support (all well before the Internet) and more recently website security, we can provide your business with the peace of mind you need to get on with running your business, knowing your website is secure.

What is Included in My Initial Site Audit?

Before we begin with regular maintenance of your (WordPress) Website, we need to establish the current health of your site.

We will check the current version of WordPress and all Plugins.
Some older sites (typically over 12 months old) may require additional work to bring it up-to-date in the first instance.
In some circumstance this may incur an additional (once off) fee to bring your site up to scratch.
If you suspect your site is potentially running very older versions of software, please contact us to discuss an audit prior to signing up to a maintenance plan.

Can I Cancel my Subscription Any Time?

While we do not lock you into a contract, we would like to sort out any issues, where possible, before you decide to cancel your subscription with us.

Can I upgrade my Plan after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up. Simply contact us to arrange an upgrade of your Plan.

What if I Don't Have a WordPress based Website?

If you have an outdated Website not based on WordPress, we are more than happy to discuss a complete make-over of your existing site and migrate it to give it a New, Modern and Fresh look using WordPress.

Contact us on the form below with your details and we be in touch to discuss your Website.

Any further Questions?

Please contact us on the form below if you have any questions regarding your Website Security, that we have not answered here.

If you have any further questions - Contact me here

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