Business Mobile App Deal for February 2016

(Includes both Android and IOS version of your App)


Business Mobile App Development

A Mobile App for your Business is now within reach

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Have you Considered a Mobile App for Your Business?
What Features could my App Have?

Business Location linked to Phone's GPS

Make it easy for new customers to find you. No more manual looking up of your address on their phone’s GPS

Click to Call your Number

No more copy and past a number, simply press the Call icon to bring your number up ready to dial.

Contact Forms

Send an enquiry email directly from inside the app, what could be simpler.

Instagram Feed In-App

Load your Instagram feed directly inside the app

Facebook Business Page In-App

Load your Facebook (Business) page directly inside the app.

Twitter Feed In-App

View your latest tweets directly inside the app.

Embeded Video

Directly view your latest promotional (or other) videos inside the app.

Customer Loyalty Cards

Set up you own customer loyalty reward system inside your app.

Appointment Forms

Do you have clients that need to book appointments? This app feature is perfect for your Business.

Business Website Link

Link directly to your Business Website from your app for more content (works best with a mobile responsive website).

Push Notifications

Get the same notification power that others such as Facebook and Twitter use, with the ability to send ‘Push Notifications’ to your customers (Weekly Specials / Notices etc).

Shopify Integration

Integrate your Shopify eCommerce Store directly inside your App.
Plus more  – Restaurant Table book forms – Menu listings – Custom enquiry forms – Discount coupons – Protected Membership content

To sample the features available for your own App

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